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Research lines

The Center's research, transfer and innovation are led by the CITM's own teaching staff. It takes place at the intersection between social sciences, engineering, design and the development of interactive systems for creative and social purposes.

The following three main areas of knowledge are the Centre's main areas of interest

  • 1) Production and multimedia design of digital and interactive content.
  • 2) Audiovisual design, animation and digital art.
  • 3) The design, development, and study of video games.

Virtual reality

Design and validation of virtual reality applications focusing on improving education, health and social relations. VR is a tool able to generate highly realistic virtual scenarios with ecological validity. Furthermore, VR enables the user to experience the feeling of being inside a virtual scene with a body that they feel as if it was their own and which they control. These characteristics mean that make VR has enormous potential in areas related to learning and well-being. This line of research focuses on investigating various applications of VR in these areas, based on user-friendly design and perception principles.

Keywords: VR, Health, Education, Social Relations, Welfare.

Game Studies

Research focused on video games in the context of media convergence and industry 4.0: transmediality, intertextuality and remediation; affordances and the impact of video games in areas going beyond entertainment (serious games); new gaming experiences linked to emerging technologies and design-focused research methodologies.

Keywords: Game Studies, Game Design, Serious Games, Media Convergence, Design of Interaction.

Contemporary audiovisuals

The study of the image and visual culture in the definition of the contemporary world. New narratives and new forms of expression in post-modern audiovisuals. The hypertext and interactive image-interface. The history of art and cinema as a cultural and social heritage and an iconographic-audiovisual corpus (painting, photography, cinema and video games). The study of cinematic expression as a cornerstone of the audiovisual sphere. The study of dramaturgy and the fundamentals of audiovisual language.

Keywords: Visual Culture, Cinema, Contemporary Image, Audiovisual Communication, Audiovisual Narrative.


Study of the various animation techniques, from stop-motion to digital animation, and their hybridisation. Animation as a means of artistic and technical expression of the audiovisual. The new limits of digital animation. The history of animation.

Keywords: Animation, 3D, 2D, Audiovisual, Stop Motion.

Photography and digital heritage

Technologies and methods for capturing and processing images for the digitization of cultural heritage in 2D and 3D. The research focuses on defining, measuring and optimising processes to achieve the required levels of fidelity and quality depending on the applications: dissemination, digital museums, integration in new audiovisual formats, scientific analysis, etc.

Keywords: Digitization, Cultural Heritage, Image Quality, Colour Management, Photogrammetry.

Digital narratives

New digital audiovisual formats. Studies of the new non-linear discursive forms that are developing through emerging digital systems and formats. Immersive audiovisuals. New genres of digital audiovisuals, such as the interactive documentary and procedural narratives. Study of the impact and emotional response in the experience of narratives through emerging technologies. Analysis of the use of these narratives in the context of social communication and social change.

Keywords: Digital Narrative, Immersion, Virtual Reality, Emotional Response.

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