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The UPC's Centre de la Imatge i la Tecnologia Multimèdia (CITM, Image Processing and Multimedia Technology Centre) provides a made-to-measure space for companies, institutions and organisations searching for fellows in the field of audiovisual communication, image processing and multimedia technologies to publish and manage their job offers.

Our students enter the Job mart with half of their degree credits completed, which gives them a creative technical profile and plenty of preparation in multimedia and image processing applications, as well as a future vision for meeting the sector's new challenges. Our aim, in brief, is to make it easier to select the best candidates in the business sector and to improve the careers of professionals trained at the CITM at the same time.

Through our virtual environment, companies can independently publish and manage their job offers and read about and filter the candidates that interest them. Once created, the offers are spread throughout the CITM virtual campus, an effective platform for communication, resources and training support services where all the CITM's students interact.

To access the management section of the job mart, companies must enter their user name and password in the 'job mart' section, found on the top right of the same page.

Companies interested in signing up for the job mart must send a completed application form, found below. Once the data is validated, they will receive a user name and password to access the job mart's management section. Access will be valid for one academic year, during which they'll be able to post job offers and read about candidates. -