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Students on work placement

Educational cooperation agreements

An educational cooperation agreement involves university students participating in external academic work placements, supervised by the university, with the goal of allowing them to put into practice and build onto the knowledge learnt during their academic training, contributing to the acquisition of skills that will prepare them for professional activities, to facilitate their opportunities of finding a job and to foster their entrepreneurial skills.

The new regulations on university training, both Royal Decree 1393/2007 of 29th October, governing official university courses, amended by Royal Decree 861/2010, of 2nd July, as well as the university student's Statute, Royal Decree 1791/2010 of 30th December, include the concept of external work placements.

Legal framework

Royal Decree 592/2014 of 11 July: governing external academic work placements for university students.

Academic regulations for external practices.

Information for the collaborating entity

The Centre de la Imatge i la Tecnologia Multimèdia (Image Processing and Multimedia Technology Center) offers companies, institutions or public or private entities the possibility to take on students for work placements.

The success of educational cooperation is based on the interest shown by the collaborating entity to include a student to its human team temporarily to develop a specific technical role.

An educational cooperation agreement must guarantee that the student builds on to their knowledge by means of the activity they will be performing in the collaborating entity.

Participating entities

From within the entities that may participate in this educational cooperation framework there are:

  • Private companies.
  • Public companies and institutions.
  • Professional associations.
  • Professionals.
  • The centre itself.

Advantages for the collaborating entity

  • Identifying and making available students taking advanced training in a variety of technological areas.
  • A market observatory and source of recruitment.
  • Improving the training knowledge of the University.
  • The collaborating entity defines, in agreement with the University, the working plan for the students and the profile for their selection.
  • There is no contractual arrangement between the collaborating entity and the student, since the nature of this agreement is academic and not for labour.
  • This relationship is established by means of an agreement signed between the collaborating entity and the university. It can be extended and/or terminated at any time.


Marc Borràs
Tel.: +34 674 551 861

The first time a collaborating entity wishes to establish an educational cooperation agreement with a student from The Centre de la Imatge i la Tecnologia Multimèdia (Image Processing and Multimedia Technology Center), it must send a completed application form, found below. Next, the Centre will contact the collaborating entity to register it in its virtual site, so it can publish an offer and start the selection process of candidates.
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