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International mobility


With the adaptation of degrees to the requirements set forth in the European Higher Education Areas (EHEA) and to grant these degrees an official status, The Centre de la Imatge i la Tecnologia Multimèdia (Image Processing and Multimedia Technology Center) has fostered one of the main objectives of the Bologna declaration: the promotion of student mobility.

In doing this, and with the goal of furthering the internationalisation of student academic training, the centre holds bilateral agreements with several universities around the World with similar characteristics as the UPC.

These agreements enable students to benefit from an exchange at these centres during their studies. At the same time, professor may also benefit from this service, since they too are given the opportunity to participate in short teaching stages.

1. Would you like to go on an exchange?

Students from CITM are given the possibility to go on an academic exchange to other universities to follow part of their studies, within the group of elective subjects or as part of their final degree project (TFG).

This offers them the chance to acquire new experiences and knowledge by studying at a foreign university, while being in contact with a different language and culture, and contributing to the achievement of skills generic to students.

1.1 Partner programmes and universities


  • Exchange programme with partner European universities for a stay of one or two terms to take elective subjects or work on the final degree project (TFG).
  • Students are required to be nationals of an EU member state, students of an official degree taught at a university that has signed the Erasmus University Charter, and may not have benefited from an Erasmus study exchange before.
  • Erasmus+

Latin America and CINDA

  • Exchange programme with partner Latin American universities for a stay of one or two terms to take elective subjects or work on the final degree project (TFG).
  • Eligibility for a Mobint grant from the Catalan Government.

1.2 Procedure

1.2.1 Calendar

These are the important deadlines to remember when starting to prepare your exchange:

February/March Mobility campaign starts

18 February 2021: Informative session
15 March 2021: Deadline to submit applications to CITM
22 March 2021: Publication of allocated places
24 March 2021: Until 12h acceptance of places
25 March 2021: Final list (for students leaving for the 1st and 2nd terms)
April First contact student-host university (for students leaving for the 1st term)
June/July Resolution by host university
September Mobility exchange starts
October First contact student-host university (for students leaving for the 2nd term)
December Resolution by host university
February Mobility exchange starts

1.2.2 Prior information and application

  • Attend the informative session on student mobility at CITM.
  • Review the programmes offered by foreign universities partners of CITM.
  • Apply fro a place using the section "Procedures by topic > International Mobility" at the e-Secretariat.
  • The initial resolution on the assignation of places will be available in the section "Procedures by topic > International Mobility" at the e-Secretariat
  • Students must accept their allocated space using the section "Procedures by topic > International Mobility" at the e-Secretariat. Please remember that failing to accept your space within the established deadline will mean you have rejected the space.
  • After the deadline for acceptance has passed, the final resolution will be published.

1.2.3 Preparing for the exchange

  • Within the established deadline, students who have been allocated a space that has been accepted must be submitted to CITM the following documents:
    - Form from the host university: the application form, if required, shall be obtained from the host university's website.
    - Learning Agreement: this contains the academic content that will be recognised upon returning from the exchange.
    - The proposal of subjects from the host university and research on the topic or tutor for the final project (TFG) should be submitted by the student and validated by the International Relations coordinator.
    - Transcript of records: the CITM shall provide this.
    - Any additional documents required by the host university: the student shall review and submit documents required by the host university.
    - If the host university requires a language certificate, the student shall provide a new copy.
  • The student shall notify CITM of admission to the host university.
  • Students must have fulfilled all academic requirements upon ending the term before the exchange.
  • Students must enrol under the mobility regime:
    - Subjects: Students shall enrol for the total number of credits that will be recognised upon ending the exchange.
    - Final project: this corresponds to the "International mobility mode".
  • Students must pick up the mobility documents from CITM. These documents certify that the student is engaged in a mobility programme, and sets the mobility grants linked to the UPC.

1.2.4 During the exchange

Students must notify CITM of any incident or relevant change arising during their exchange.

Learning Agreement. If students wish to make changes:

  • They must be notified to the International Relations coordinator at CITM for approval.
  • A scanned copy of the Learning Agreement must be sent to CITM, signed and sealed by the host university.

Certificate of incorporation: students benefiting from a UPC-Santander grant for their exchange must send their certificate of incorporation by mail to CITM. This certificate is essential for the Academic Management Office (SGA) at UPC to activate the mobility grant.

1.2.5 After the exchange

Exchange certificate and survey

Upon returning, to justify their exchange, students must submit to CITM the original exchange certificate, signed and sealed by the host university.

This document is essential for the Academic Management Office (SGA) to process the mobility grant.

Transcript of records

Before returning, students must ask the host university to send their transcript of records by mail to CITM.

1.3 Grants

1.3.1 ERASMUS+ mobility grants

1.3.2 Mobility grants for Latin America

1.4 Further information

2. Would you like to visit us?

To come to CITM on an exchange, there must be an exchange agreement in place between the university of origin and CITM.

2.1 Application for admission

2.2 Accommodation

CITM does not provide accommodation, but recommends the following services:

The UPC Campus in Terrassa provides two halls of residence. If you wish to apply for a room, please contact Resa:

The International Information, Communications and Mobility Office at the Campus in Terrassa offer an array of services, including support to look for a shared apartment with other students.

2.3 Arrival and registration

  • Welcome session: Reception for exchange students by the international relations team from UPC.
  • Registration: exchange students must register for the following:
    - Registration for subjects at the CITM secretariat.
  • Languages: The Language and Terminology Service (SLT) of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya offers language and culture classes for exchange students. These courses include free Catalan courses taught throughout the academic year.


David Sánchez Carreras: International Relations Coordinator

Marc Borràs Martínez: Mobility academic management
CITM Secretariat

Tel.: +34 93 112 03 67

Centre de la Imatge i la Tecnologia Multimèdia – CITM
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
C/ de la Igualtat, 33, 08222, Terrassa (Barcelona)

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