The UPC Centre for Image and Multimedia Technology bases its teaching and research activities at a centre with the most advanced technical equipment with the highest performance.


  • 8 classrooms for practical work with a total of 297 workstations.
    • 7 classrooms with 171 fixed workstations.
    • 1 classroom with 26 portable workstations.
  • 2 classrooms for group work with a total of 90 portable workstations.
  • 2 classrooms for theory sessions.

Laboratories and facilities

  • Digital printing laboratory with 3 workstations, inkjet printers, spectrophotometers, flatbed scanners, etc.
  • Image quality laboratory with 2 workstations, software and optical bench and software to assemble the different cameras under study, lighting equipment, etc.
  • Fully-equipped photographic platform of 225 m2 (4 iMac, 4 Nikon D200 with two optics each, 4 Sinar optical bench cameras, continuous aerial lighting system with electronic flashes).
  • Human-Computer interaction laboratory with two rooms connected via video and audio: Room 1, where the user tests the prototype, and Room 2, where the activity is monitored and recorded. Both rooms are equipped with computers and software for usability tests and to test online, TDT or IP TV application prototypes.
  • Video laboratory with software for real-time video editing, post-production and special effects.
  • Computer Generated Image (CGI) Laboratory with two computers, digital tablets and 3d Image creation software to integrate them with real images.
  • Interactive Multimedia Content and Application laboratory with computers and software to develop interactive multimedia applications and content.
  • Sound studio equipped with a recording booth and audio mixer.
  • Optic fibre and Wi-Fi networks.

The Centre for Image and Multimedia Technology is equipped with the latest software to develop multimedia projects and for image processing. Some of the software available at the centre is: Flash, Premiere, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Sinar CaptureShop, Photoshop, ImageJ, Combustion, Audition, Imatest, 3D Studio, Cinema 4D, Toon Boom, Virtools, AutoCAD, Adobe Encore, Realviz Stitcher Sun Tools & PTGui Pro.