COVID-19 protocols for activities at the CITM

These protocols are subject to ongoing review. All teachers and students at the CITM must ensure compliance with them.

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COVID-19 frequently asked questions to study at CITM

The purpose of these FAQs is to answer the most common questions which our new and continuing students (2nd, 3rd and 4th year) have asked about the 2020-2021 academic year in relation to the health emergency caused by Covid-19. We advise you to get in touch with our team directly if you have any doubts, or need any clarifications or additional information. You can contact us by telephoning (34) 93 112 03 67 or e-mailing

When will the University Entrance Tests (PAU) take place)?
The ordinary sitting of the PAU examinations has been delayed, and will take place on the following dates: Tuesday 7, Wednesday 8, Thursday 9 and Friday 10 July, at universities and secondary schools. They have also been extended by one day following the Covid-19 crisis, and to comply with health measures. For more information, please consult:

The PAUs for those over 25 and 45 years old will take place together on Saturday 18 July. The examinations in the General Phase will take place in the morning, and those in the Specific Phase in the afternoon.

The extraordinary sitting has not been assigned a date, but it will take place before 10 September.
What form will the University Entrance Tests (PAU) take?
The registration period for the ordinary sitting of the 2020 PAU is from 15 May to 15 June inclusive. For more information, please consult:

Details of the examination panel and the venue will be available on Friday 3 July.

Applications for a review of the PAU exams can be made from 21 to 23 July (inclusive).

The subjects are divided into two groups: optional within the examination as a whole, and optional in part of the examination. The first block contains 21 subjects: Musical Analysis, Biology, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Audiovisual Culture, Artistic Drawing, Technical Drawing, Design, Business Economics, Electrical Engineering, Physics, Fundamentals of the Arts, Geography, History, Art History, History of Philosophy, Spanish Literature, Catalan Literature, Mathematics, Applied Mathematics in the Social Sciences, Chemistry and Industrial Technology. The subjects in this block are divided into four groups.

Eight subjects are optional as a part of the examination: Greek, Latin, Spanish language and literature, Catalan Language and Literature, and foreign languages (English, French and Italian). The examination of all the subjects in this block includes a compulsory section and an optional section that covers between 40% and 80% of the grade. The subjects in this block are divided into two groups.

You can consult the details of flexibility in the optionality of these subjects and the specific contents of each examination at:
When will university pre-registration and registration take place?
University pre-registration will take place from 23 June to 29 July (inclusive). Remember that if you want to study one of the official bachelor's degrees offered by the Image Processing and Multimedia Technology Center (CITM) of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) you must pre-register using the University Entrance Portal (

The code numbers of our bachelor's degrees are:

  • 31093 - Bachelor's degree in Design, Animation and Digital Art
  • 31074 - Bachelor's degree in Video Game Design and Development (Terrassa)
  • 31083 - Bachelor's degree in Video Game Design and Development (Barcelona)
  • 31042 - Bachelor's degree in Multimedia
The registration dates will be from 7 to 10 September (inclusive). If after pre-registration you are assigned to one of the official bachelor's degrees at the CITM, you will receive an email and we will call you to arrange the date, time and classroom for registration.
Are any changes planned to the start dates of the programmes in the 2020-2021 academic year as a result of the Covid-19 crisis?
The start of teaching will be announced on the Centre's website, and you will also receive an e-mail informing you of the date, time and classroom for the start of classes.
Has the Image Processing and Multimedia Technology Center (CITM) adapted to comply with social distancing measures?
Yes, all the facilities of the CITM have been adapted to comply with social distancing and other health measures established following the declaration of the state of alert in March 2020.
What will the Centre do if there is a fresh outbreak of Covid-19 while I am taking my bachelor's degree course?
Ever since the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis, the CITM has shown its ability to adapt by transforming 100% of its programmes into online mode. So if the circumstances arise, our teaching staff is ready, and has the tools and support resources to continue teaching the programme on a virtual basis, while maintaining the commitment to high quality training at the UPC.
My family's financial situation has been seriously affected by Covid-19. Can the Centre help me in any way?
We are aware of the impact that the current health crisis will have on our future students. For this reason, the Center will provide an additional grant of € 20 per registered credit for the first time to students who receive a general grant from the Spanish Ministry of Education and Vocational Training.

Although no information has yet been officially published, on Tuesday 19/05/2020 the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training and the Ministry of Universities issued a press release ( which outlined the reform of the Spanish system for study scholarships and grants in order to ensure equality for all students regardless of their socioeconomic status. This reform is based on 4 main points:

  • The modification of academic requirements.
  • Raising income threshold 1 to the point where it is practically equivalent to the poverty line.
  • Increasing the fixed amounts linked to income by € 100, from € 1,600 to € 1,700 ?. The residence allowance is increased from € 1,500 to € 1,600 €.
  • Improvements in scholarships and grants for people with disabilities.
Will any facility to pay the registration fee in instalments be available?
We have changed the instalment system for making payment of the registration fee. The payment can now be made in 3 instalments: an initial payment of 40%, followed by 30% in December and final payment of 30% in March.
Can I have a discount on the registration fee due to not being able to access the CITM material and infrastructure during the lockdown?
No, the unpredictable situation arising from the Covid-19 crisis, and the measures adopted by the government are entirely beyond our control. However, at the CITM we have put reasonable alternative mechanisms in place to continue teaching, in order to guarantee our students' learning in unforeseeable situations like the present circumstances. These alternative mechanisms involve an additional cost of investment in licenses, structures and resources which we did not anticipate but are necessary to maintain the support and quality of the bachelor's degree programmes, and we must also include them in our budget for the 2020-2021 academic year, to ensure that teaching can be adapted to online, blended and face-to-face teaching.
Will I be able to start classes with the whole group or will we do it in stages?
We anticipate teaching taking place on a face-to-face basis in the first semester of the 2020-2021 academic year, with a blended approach that enables it to be adapted to developments in the social-health sphere. We are working on reducing group sizes, establishing turns, making some sessions virtual and adapting our spaces. A staggered inclusion of the groups is not under consideration in any circumstances. The facilities of the CITM and the UPC have been adapted to comply with the safety, self-protection and social distancing measures that the health situation may entail.
Last updated: 16/06/2020

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