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Digital Design and Multimedia Technologies

General information


Do you want to be part of the digital design and new technologies industry, designing and developing innovative and creative multimedia digital products and services?

Train to become a digital designer and developer of interactive multimedia content, one of the most in-demand occupations in the ICT sector in Spain and internationally, with great prospects for the future.

Your best choice is to study at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC).

  • Backed by more than 25 years of extensive training experience in multimedia creation and development, with a network of alumni who lead the sector.
  • It is a Spanish leader, supported by several leading companies in the digital sector.
  • You will obtain an official qualification.
  • You will be able to do professional internships in companies.
  • You will receive guidance helping you to enhance your professional profile, and we will advise you on job interviews to introduce you to companies in the sector.

This degree is available at the TR12 (c/ de la Igualtat, 33, Terrassa). You can view the centre and its facilities in this 360º virtual tour.

The Bachelor's degree in Digital Design and Multimedia Technologies (2009 programme) will begin to be phased out in the 2023-2024 academic year.

Degree in Multimedia (2009 programme)

Teaching goals

The objective of the bachelor's degree in Digital Design and Multimedia Technologies is to train professionals who are capable of designing and developing multimedia and interactive digital products, content and services, with a high degree of innovation and creativity. The bachelor's degree provides an interdisciplinary perspective on the areas of programming for different media and devices, artistic creation, design and audiovisual production, animation, project management and communication applied to the interactive applications industry, within a robust framework of technical and scientific training in multimedia technologies. The degree course also makes students especially sensitive towards the recipients of the content and applications, as well as encouraging critical reflection on digital technologies, reflecting on the advantages and the context in which different technologies are applied, and their social and ethical implications.

During your studies, you will learn to design and produce projects, develop applications and interactive environments, immersive virtual and augmented reality, interactive tangible installations, web solutions, mobile applications, video games, commercials, interactive advertising, visual effects, and images and videos based on 2D and 3D content. You will also have the opportunity to participate in projects and creation laboratories, where you will be working with leading companies in the digital industry. The training you receive will enable you to learn about the latest trends in the digital market, as well as the prevailing business models, enhancing your ability to adapt to a constantly changing technological world.

General Information

The bachelor's degree in Digital Design and Multimedia Technologies is an official university degree, complying with the requirements of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA).

Applicants are given the option of making a voluntary €5 contribution when formalising their enrolment. As part of the UPC's 0.7% Campaign, this donation will go towards meeting charitable needs in developing countries.

Quality of the degree

In this section you will find all the information related to the Quality Assurance Internal System.

Academic information

In this section you will find the academic regulations and support plans that we apply to the degree.

Entrance requirements and registration

University pre-registration
Pre-registration for official programmes of study must be done via the Government of Catalonia's university pre-registration process.

Cut-off mark academic year 2023-2024: 7.370
Pre-registration code: 31121
University pre-registration

The studies permitting access to this official qualification are:

1. Higher secondary education certificate of any type and university entrance tests.

To access our studies by this means, you must:

  1. Have completed higher secondary education studies of any type.
  2. Pass the university entrance test (PAU). You can check the weighting parameters of the subjects of the baccalaureate type that will be applied for access to the university. You can also consult the Table of weightings of the subjects in the degrees of the CITM.
  3. Apply for a place in the call for University Preregistration. Indicate Access Route 0 - University entrance examinations.

2. Undergraduate training cycles.

Access to any bachelor's degree is possible from undergraduate training cycles, although the access grade (mean grade for the studies) or the weighted admission grade will be taken into account for admission to the studies depending on how the subjects in the specific University entrance tests are related to the knowledge area of the degree course for which access is sought. More information to the Universities Channel of the Generalitat of Catalonia. You can also consult the Table of weightings of the subjects in the degrees of the CITM.

The UPC provides official recognition for subjects and credits is some of the bachelor's degree courses for those who have completed specific undergraduate training cycles. Check which subjects in undergraduate training cycles this recognition of credits applies to on the Government of Catalonia website or by consulting the CITM Degree Validation Board.

To access our studies by this means, you must:

  1. Apply for a place in the call for University Preregistration. Indicate Access Route 4 - Higher level vocational training.

3. University access examinations for people aged over 25 and over 45 years old.

Over 25 years old

To access our studies in this manner, you must do the following:

  1. Pass the university access examination for people over 25 years old.
  2. Apply for a place in the University Pre-registration procedure. - Over 25 years old.

Candidates who meet the following requirements can take the university access examinations for people over 25 years old:

  • They must be 25 years old in the calendar year in which the examination is taken.
  • They must not have passed the university access examination (or equivalent).
  • They must not have a higher technical degree in vocational training, plastic arts and design or sports (or the equivalent).
  • They must not have any university degree.

Over 45 years old

To access our studies in this manner, you must do the following:

  1. Pass the university access examination for people over 45 years old.
  2. Conduct a personal interview.
  3. Apply for a place in the University Pre-registration procedure. - Over 45 years old.
  4. Candidates who meet the following requirements can take the university access examinations for people over 45 years old:

    • They must be 45 years old in the calendar year in which the examination is taken.
    • They must not have a degree or any other general access requirement that enables the holder to access university.

    Candidates who access the university by means of entrance examinations for people over 45 years old have 1% of the places reserved on each course.

    The decision on admission is only valid for studying at the CITM for the degree awarded and for the call for the next academic year.

4. Access for over 40 year students with accreditation of experience.

People over 40 years of age can access the university by accrediting work or professional experience related to a degree study, if they do not have an academic qualification that enables them to access the university by another access route.

Access to the university for over 40 years is convened once a year and can only be requested for a single study centre of Catalan universities.

The centre will reserve 1% of the places. +INFO

To access our studies by this means, you must do the following:

  1. To accredit work or professional experience in relation to university education of the degree for which access is requested (minimum 4 years).
  2. Do not possess any academic qualification that qualifies to access the university by other means of access.
  3. To overcome the evaluation phase of the accredited experience carried out by the centre itself. The results will be communicated to applicants on 31 May.
  4. Apply for a place in the University Pre-registration procedure. Indicate Access Route 10 - More than 40 years of age with work experience.

5. Hold an official university qualification at Bachelor's degree level or an equivalent qualification.

To access our studies by this means, you must do the following:

  1. Apply for a place in the University Pre-registration procedure. Indicate Access Route 2 - Qualified.

6. Change of university and/or official university studies (transfer of transcript).

To access our studies by this means, you must:

  1. Submit the Application for access due to change of university and/or university studies to the CITM Academic Secretary's Office (Application document). You can check the requirements for access by this means via this link.
  2. Apply for a place in the call for University Pre-registration procedure. Indicate Access Route 7 - University entrance examinations with degree course started or Access Route 8 - Advanced vocational training cycle with degree course started.

After you have been awarded a place at our centre, you will have to apply to your home university for an "academic record transfer".

7. Student from a foreign education system.

These students can access the university by different routes depending on the country of origin, the existence of agreements and the situation of residence in Spain.

You will find the detailed information on the website of the Secretaría de Universidades e Investigación de la Generalitat de Cataluña.


Bachelor's degree in Digital Design and Multimedia Technologies

Modular structure

ECTS credits
Basic Training 66
Scientific Foundations 12
Graphic Expression 24
Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) 12
Basic Computing 18
Compulsory Training 138
Communication 18
Audiovisual Production 24
Animation 12
Applied Technologies 48
Marketing and Business 12
Research 6
Projects *1 18
Elective Training *2 24
Elective Subjects 24
TFG Final Degree Project 12
Total 240

1st Course

Subjects Type Period ECTS credits
Basic Semester 1 6
Basic Semester 2 6
Visual Culture
Basic Semester 1 6
Design Fundamentals
Basic Semester 1 6
3D ModellingD
Basic Semester 1 6
User Experience
Basic Semester 1 6
Programming I
Basic Semester 2 6
Graphic Design
Basic Semester 2 6
Graphical Interface Design
Basic Semester 2 6
Project I: User Centred Design *1
Compulsory Semester 2 6
Total 60

2nd Course

Subjects Type Period ECTS credits
Programming II
Basic Semester 1 6
Communication Theories
Compulsory Semester 1 6
Photography and Lighting
Compulsory Semester 1 6
Audiovisual Narrative
Compulsory Semester 1 6
2D Animation
Compulsory Semester 1 6
Web Development I
Compulsory Semester 2 6
Information and Communication Technologies
Basic Semester 2 6
Audiovisual Production and Broadcast
Compulsory Semester 2 6
Digital Audio and Image Processing
Compulsory Semester 2 6
Project II: Advertising *1
Compulsory Semester 2 6
Total 60

3rd Course

Subjects Type Period ECTS credits
Compulsory Semester 1 6
Audio Design and Editing
Compulsory Semester 1 6
Programming Virtual Environments
Compulsory Semester 1 6
Web Development II
Compulsory Semester 1 6
3D Animation
Compulsory Semester 1 6
Electronics and Multisensory Interaction
Compulsory Semester 2 6
Virtual and Augmented Reality
Compulsory Semester 2 6
Digital Culture, Ethics and Society
Compulsory Semester 2 6
Research Methods and Statistics
Compulsory Semester 2 6
Project III: Video games *1
Compulsory Semester 2 6
Total 60

4th Course

Subjects Type Period ECTS credits
Mobile application development
Compulsory Semester 1 6
Creative Programming
Compulsory Semester 1 6
Compulsory Semester 1 6
Distribution and Digital Marketing
Compulsory Semester 1 6
Elective Subjects *2
Elective Semester 2 24
TFG Final Degree Project (regulations)
Compulsory Semester 1 & 2 12
Total 60
Elective Subjects *2 Type Period ECTS credits
Advanced Business Project
Elective Semester 2 6
Expanded Audiovisuals
Elective Semester 2 6
Real Time Narrative
Elective Semester 2 6
Advanced Audiovisual Postproduction
Elective Semester 2 6
Visual Effects (VFX)
Elective Semester 2 6
Advanced Sound Design
Elective Semester 2 6
Stop Motion
Elective Semester 2 6
Transmedia Production
Elective Semester 2 6
Generative Art with Processing
Elective Semester 2 6
Data Display
Elective Semester 2 6
Serious Games Design
Elective Semester 2 6
Digital Entertainment and Video Game Design
Elective Semester 2 6
Advanced 3D Modelling and Animation
Elective Semester 2 6
Advanced Mobile Application Programming
Elective Semester 2 6
Emerging Technologies and Artificial Intelligence
Elective Semester 2 6
External Academic Internships in Companies
Elective Semester 1 & 2 12

Elective curricular itineraries *3

Digital Art Audiovisual Design Video Games Interactivity
Expanded Audiovisual Advanced Postproduction Digital Entertainment and Game Design Advanced Mobile Application Programming
Generative Art with Processing Visual Effects (VFX) Serious Games Design Data Visualization
Real-Time Narrative Producción Transmedia Real-Time Narrative Emerging Technologies and Artificial Intelligence
Data Visualization Advanced Sound Design Advanced Sound Design Generative Art with Processing
Stop Motion Advanced 3D Modeling and Animation

*1 At the end of the course, the student will have learned and will be able to demonstrate their knowledge with the practical part of each course and in addition, a project will be carried out as a group each academic year in order to create and enhance the students' curriculum vitae.

*2 From the 4th year of the bachelor's degree in Digital Design and Multimedia Technologies, the 24 Elective ECTS credits can be obtained by taking Elective courses in the programme of studies or in two blocks: 12 ECTS credits for external internships and 12 ECTS credits for Elective courses.

*3 For the Degree in Digital Design and Multimedia Technologies, 4 elective curricular itineraries have been designed: Digital Art, Audiovisual Design, Video Games and Interactivity. The curricular itineraries will be formed by the selection of four elective subjects (24 ECTS).

Clarification notice:

The CITM recommends students to follow the normal itinerary of 60 credits per academic year. The curriculum for this degree programme includes the possibility of external practice work (companies, public organizations…) that is considered as an Elective subject area for students. As well, it is possible to take these courses in other foreign universities.

Management & Faculty

Name E-mail Type of teaching staff member
Adrián Dorado Garrido Profesorado CITM-UPC Mes info
Adrián Dorado Garrido

Projects and Professional Experience:

Diseñador de producto y co-fundador de Qualud y Laia Health. Ha participado en proyectos de innovación tecnológica en startups, pymes y multinacionales. Con Expertice en User experience, User interface, serious games y humanización de procesos.

Ha sido docente en el ámbito universitario en el área de videojuegos y multimedia.

Anna Solanas Santacana Collaborating professor Mes info
Anna Solanas Santacana

Degree: Graduado Superior en Cine y Medios Audiovisuales (título propio) UB-ESCAC

Projects and Professional Experience:

En 2001 rodó (junto con Marc Riba) como proyecto de final de carrera "El negro es el color de los dioses" que se convirtió en el primer cortometraje realizado por ambos y que marcó el inicio de una col· ción que ahora cumple 20 años.   

Con su propia productora "I+G Stop Motion" (creada en 2004) han producido dieciséis cortometrajes. Los proyectos de "I+G Stop Motion" han participado en más de dos mil festivales de los cinco continentes, recogiendo más de un centenar de premios, entre los que cabe destacar una nominación a los premios Goya, dos Mélies de Plata al Mejor Cortometraje Europeo y un premio Gaudí. 

En marzo de 2013 ocuparon una de las salas del prestigioso Museo da Marioneta de Lisboa exponiendo a todos los protagonistas de sus proyectos. Ha dado conferencias en festivales de animación internacionales: Anim'est de Bucarest (Rumanía), Animated Dreams de Tallin (Estonia), Multfilm de Krasnoyarks (Rusia), monstruo de Lisboa (Portugal), FestAnka de Zilina (Eslovaquia) ... , y ha formado parte de jurados de festivales de animación y cine nacionales e internacionales.

Antonio Ricardo Manresa Robledo Collaborating professor Mes info
Antonio Ricardo Manresa Robledo


  • Doctor en Educación (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)
  • Máster in Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence (UAB)(Centre de Visión per Computador)
  • Ingeniero Superior en Informática (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)

Projects and Professional Experience:

Segmentación de regiones interesantes y eliminación de ruido en documentos bancarios con técnicas de visión por computador. Diseño de nuevos algoritmos para resolver problemas no solucionados y aplicación de técnicas conocidas cuando esto era posible. 

Asesor a diferentes empresas e instituciones en temas relacionados con bases de datos y Visión por Computador: diferentes departamentos y servicios de la UAB, IPSA, Aiguapura, ...

Profesor cumple 25 años impartido asignaturas relacionadas con: bases de datos, tecnologías web, programación, programación multimedia y dispositivos móviles, técnicas gráficas, sistemas operativos, ofimática y matemáticas. En la UAB (Diplomatura de Empresariales, Grado de Empresa y Tecnología, Grado de Ingeniería Informática), en las Escuelas Tomàs y Cerdà (adscrita UAB) (Ingeniería Técnica de Informática de Gestión, Grado Multimedia), en IFP (Formación profesional)(Grado de Desarrollo de Aplicaciones Multiplataforma especialidad en videojuegos), en AVBC (GENTIS) (Cursos del SOC).

Areas of training:

  • Computer Architecture and Configurations
Arturo Fuentes Calle Collaborating professor Mes info

Degree: Graduado en Fotografía Computacional

Projects and Professional Experience:

Trabaja en el ámbito del procesamiento de imagen desde una aproximación tecnológica y psicológica.
Investigador pre doctoral en visión artificial en Computer Vision Center.
Especialista en tecnología en Lang Iberia.
Desarrollo de contenido audiovisual para exhibición en Narrative Forces.
Desarrollo de trabajos como artista visual.

Beatriz Martínez Navarro Profesorado CITM-UPC Mes info
Beatriz Martínez Navarro


  • Graduate in Photography and Digital Creation (CITM/UPC)
  • Master's Degree in Photonics (UPC)
  • Doctoral student in Image Quality

Projects and Professional Experience:

Researcher working on video image quality measurement systems.

External work placement and degree final project coordinator at the CITM. Image Quality Laboratory.

Areas of training:

  • Audiovisual Communication
  • Image Structure and Lighting
  • 3D Scenarios
  • TFG Final Degree Project
  • Lighting
Bruno Caldas Pires Profesorado CITM-UPC Mes info
Bruno Caldas Pires

Projects and Professional Experience:

Investigador en arte y tecnología, artes visuales, inteligencia artificial y tecnologías comunitarias.

Ha diseñado el Máster en Creative Computing de la Universidad Elisava, y fue el director de su primera edición.

Ha sido profesor de programación creativa en la escuela de formación profesional Oi kabum!, en Río de Janeiro por seis años.

Realizó como escritor y realizador cinematográfico varios proyectos ganadores de premios.

Areas of training:

  • Digital Art
  • Digital Narratives
Carla Molins Pitarch Profesorado CITM-UPC Mes info
Carla Molins Pitarch


  • Bachelor's Degree of Design (ELISAVA / UPF)
  • Bachelor of Arts (University of Southampton, UK)
  • Design & Technology MFA (Parsons, The New School, NY)
  • Doctoral researcher Marie Skłodowska-Curie a ChromDesign-ITN, ELISAVA i UPF

Projects and Professional Experience:

Tecnóloga creativa, diseñadora de experiencias e investigadora en comunicación científica. Conceptualizando y desarrollando experiencias interactivas para acercar la complejidad científica a la sociedad.

Docente en ELISAVA, FH Joanneum, UTEC, The New School.

Estancias de investigación en el equipo de exhibiciones de Science Gateway - CERN y en el equipo Tech de Domestic Data Streamers.

Durante su estancia en Nueva York, fue docente en Parsons. Visualización de la información -del programa Strategic Design & Management BBA- y Metodologías de diseño -del Design & Technology MFA. Colaboró ​​con el Museo Nacional de Historia Natural (Washington DC, EE. UU.) y fue investigadora en Brooklyn Research, trabajando en el proyecto Blips and Blobs, que ofrece la posibilidad de visualizar diferentes patrones de crecimiento de Physarum polycephalum, decodificando señales capturadas desde satélites meteorológicos NOAA.
En 2017 colabora con John Sharp y Colleen Macklin en su libro Iterate: Ten Lessons in Design and Failure (2019) conceptualizando los diagramas del libro junto a Tuba Ozkan.

Anteriormente, fue directora de diseño digital en revistas RBA, además de directora de arte y diseñadora motion graphics por múltiples clientes.

Areas of training:

  • TFG Final Degree Project
Carles Sora Domenjó Profesorado CITM-UPC Mes info
Carles Sora Domenjó

Projects and Professional Experience:

Director del Centro de la Imagen y la Tecnología Multimedia de la Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.

Investigador colaborador del Grupo de investigación DIGIDOC de la UPF.

Ha sido profesor del Departamento de Comunicación de la UPF hasta 2019 y también ha impartido docencia en la UB, ELISAVA y BAU. Fue, de 2017 a 2019, Fulbright Postdoctoral Fellow en el Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) de Estados Unidos de América.

Ha participado en 9 proyectos competitivos de investigación. Publicó su tesis doctoral en UOC Press Comunicación (Temporalidades Digitales, 2016). Ha publicado artículos en revistas indexadas y ha sido revisor de varias revistas académicas nacionales e internacionales, así como de agencias de evaluación de investigación europeas.

Ha presentado su trabajo académico y artístico en diversos foros internacionales como Ciudad de Quebec, París, Buenos Aires (VE), México DF, Bristol (i-Docs), Lisbone, Lugano (ECREA), Boston (MIT) o CCCB (Barcelona).

Ha trabajado en más de 25 proyectos profesionales de artes visuales, teatro y difusión científica. Fue miembro fundador del estudio de proyectos expositivos Touché (2009-2012) y director del programa de posgrado Escena Digital (2010). Fue fundador del programa de incubación Starting Lab y coordinador del Grado en Comunicación Audiovisual de la UPF. Su actividad académica la ha llevado a hacer más de 40 conferencias en varias universidades, congresos y centros culturales, destacando Emerson College (Boston), MIT (Boston) y UPV (Valencia).

Areas of training:

  • Visual Culture
  • Digital Culture
  • Interactive Design
  • Digital Art
  • Digital Narratives
Carlos Monte Salvador Collaborating professor Mes info
Carlos Monte Salvador


  • Licenciado en Bellas Artes (especialidad Diseño) por la Universitat de Barcelona.
  • Máster Oficial en Cine y Televisión por la Universitat Ramon Llull.
  • Doctor en Comunicación por la Universitat Ramon Llull

Projects and Professional Experience:

Profesor asociado en Centro de la Imagen y la Tecnología Multimedia (UPC).

Profesor asociado en la Facultad de Comunicación y Relaciones Internacionales Blanquerna (URL).

Profesor asociado en la Facultad de Comunicación (UPF y BSM).

Profesor adscrito a la cátedra de TV y Nuevos Medios de la Escuela Internacional de Cine y TV (San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba).

Responsable de contenidos en Efímero Films Barcelona.

Consultor independiente en comunicación, especializado en Storytelling Organizacional y Transmedia Storytelling.

Asesor Internacional de las convocatorias oficiales de Nuevos Medios del MinTIC (Ministerio de Tecnologías de la Información y las Comunicaciones) y Proimatges, Gobierno de Colombia.

Asesor y Jurado internacional de la convocatoria oficial para Fondo de Fomento Cinematográfico y Audiovisual del ICAU, Gobierno del Uruguay.

Mentor de proyectos transmedia en #NarraElFuturo (Creative Commons Film Fest & New Media de Bogotá, Co.)

Mentor en los talleres de creación de Realidad Virtual y Mixta de Garaje Stories (Cannes XR Challenge, LHXR, Sitges International Film Festival...)

Conferenciante en Congresos Internacionales diversos (Bogotá, Buenos Aires, Kazán, Medellín, París...)

Areas of training:

  • Transmedia production
Carlos Pulpón Alcolea Collaborating professor Mes info

Projects and Professional Experience:

Actualmente, trabaja como profesor en CITM, y también da clases en CENTA y ESCAC. Coordina al equipo del Laboratior de VFX de ESCAC, realizando proyectos internos y externos relacionados con el ámbito de los VFX. 


Areas of training:

  • 3D Modeling
  • Projects
Carolina López Caballero Collaborating professor Mes info
Carolina López Caballero

Projects and Professional Experience:


Directora de Animac, Muestra Internacional de Cine de Animación de Cataluña.

Comisaria de la Sección Oficial Competitiva de Animación de FICG México (Festival Internacional de Cine de Guadalajara, México).

Comisaria invitada en Animario, Festival Internacional de Animación Contemporánea de Madrid.


Directora de Xcèntric, el cine del CCCB. 12 años de temporadas anuales de proyecciones, actividades pedagógicas y publicaciones.

Comisaria de ciclo audiovisual itinerante From Doodles to Pixels, Over 100 Years of Spanish Animation. (AC/E-CCCB). Proyección en el festival de Annecy, el MoMA de NY y 30 sedes internacionales más. Publicación con Cameo.

Comisaria de la exposición Metamorfosis, visiones fantásticas de Starewitch, Švankmajeels Hermanos Quay (CCCB y La Casa Encendida de Madrid).

Realizadora de publicidad en Tesauro SL (Madrid y Barcelona) y Group Films (Barcelona)

Guionista y realizadora independiente TV (TVE, Canal Plus)

Productora creativa y realizadora MTV Music Television en la sede de Miami (USA).

Co-creadora, programadora y coordinadora de la sección oficial Anima't. Sitges. Festival Internacional de Cine Fantástico de Cataluña. 10 años de programas, exposiciones y publicaciones.

Animadora y realizadora independiente

Areas of training:

  • 2D Animation
  • 3D Animation
  • Visual Culture
  • Projects
Clara Laguillo Abbad Profesorado CITM-UPC Mes info
Clara Laguillo Abbad

Projects and Professional Experience:

Actualmente, coordina y es docente en el Máster de Comisariado en Artes Digitales (ESDI - URL)
Corresponsable de la concepción del programa de formación (crear) SITUACIONES, impulsado por el centro de artes Santa Mònica (Bcn) - año 2022.
Colaboración bimensual de contenidos en la web del Círculo Tecnológico de Cataluña.

Areas of training:

  • Visual Culture
  • Digital Art Industry
David Fernando Sarabia Jacome Collaborating professor Mes info

Projects and Professional Experience:

Investigador en el grupo de Mobile Wireless Internet - Internet of Things (IoT) de la fundación i2CAT.
Ha trabajado en varios proyectos de investigación Horizonte 2020 relacionados con IoT.

Areas of training:

  • Video Systems
David Sánchez Carreras Profesorado CITM-UPC Mes info
David Sánchez Carreras

Degree: Graduate in Multimedia (CITM/UPC)

Projects and Professional Experience:

Lecturer specialising in dynamic web programming, databases and web applications.

International Mobility Area Coordinator.

Areas of training:

  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Projects
  • Dynamic web programming and Databases
  • Latest Generation Web Applications
  • TFG Final Degree Project
Davide Careglio UPC professor Mes info
Davide Careglio


  • Graduate in Electronic Engineering (Politecnico di Torino, Italy)
  • Doctor of Telecommunications (UPC)

Projects and Professional Experience:

Senior Researcher at CCABA (Advanced Broadband Communications Center).

Research Lines: algorithms and protocols for computer networks, focusing particularly on interoperability, control and management, planning and routing.

He has been involved in several EU industrial research projects. Computer Architecture Department.

Areas of training:

  • Computer Architecture and Configurations
  • Computer Networks Architecture and Safety
  • Latest Generation Web Applications
Elisabet Fonts Gonzalez Profesorado CITM-UPC Mes info
Elisabet Fonts González


  • Degree Holder in Audiovisual Communication (UVIC)
  • Doctoral student PhD in the field of science and new technologies

Projects and Professional Experience:

Lecturer at ENTI-UB, UVIC, Teknós and UPC.

CEO at Applicamos

Designer of characters and application environments for: Nació Digital, Play Creatividad, Clipouneds, UVIC, Gotika group and Play Attitude.

3D animator for a short film directed by Anthony Wong for Pixar/Disney.

Areas of training:

  • 3D Animation
Eulalia Febrer Coll Collaborating professor Mes info


  • Grado Profesional en la Especialidad de Guitarra Clásica
  • Titulación Superior en Etnomusicología
  • Máster en Música como Arte Interdisiplinario
  • Doctora en Música Popular

Projects and Professional Experience:

Profesora en el Conservatorio Superior de Música de las Islas Baleares, en la especialidad de musicología.
Profesora en la Universidad Internacional de La Rioja (UNIR), por los másteres de Gestión y producción de eventos culturales, Pedagogía Musical e Investigación musical.
Directora de proyecto en eDojo SL. Impulsora de proyectos como GameSound, All Stars Arena o eFeminism. Colaboración con el Clúster Audiovisual de Cataluña e INDESCAT en eventos presenciales y online.
Cofundadora y coordinadora del Grupo de Investigación Musicológica de Menorca (Instituto Menorquín de Estudios) y del Laboratorio de Investigación Musical en Barcelona. Colaboración con Deporte Talento Canarias.

Eva Villegas Portero Profesorado CITM-UPC Mes info
Eva Villegas Portero

Projects and Professional Experience:

Investigadora en el área de user experience, accesibilidad, gamificación e innovación docente.
Ha sido responsable y técnica de proyectos para empresa, dentro del ámbito de transferencia de tecnología (La Salle – URL).
Ha trabajado como coordinadora académica y tutora del grado en ingeniería multimedia y del Máster en user experience (La Salle - URL).
Ha sido responsable de UserLab (laboratorio de user experience) y de MediaLab (laboratorio de captura de movimiento) (La Salle - URL).
Ha realizado docencia universitaria en el área de experiencia de usuario y accesibilidad durante más de 15 años (La Salle - URL).

Francesc Vilanova Rossell Collaborating professor Mes info
Francesc Vilanova Rossell

Degree: Máster en Diseño y Producción por la Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF).

Projects and Professional Experience:

Emprendedor reincidente y Product Leader con más de 20 años de experiencia en start-ups (Sam, Zinkia, Pyro Studios), scale-ups (Stubhub, PuppySpot, Digital Fuel Capital) y multinacionales (FlightCentre Travel Group).

Actualmente, cofundador de Agent Studio, una agencia de desarrollo enfocada a aplicar en entornos reales la inteligencia artificial generativa.

Mentor en product discovery, tanto en proyectos universitarios como por otras empresas. . Máster en Diseño y Producción por la Universidad Pompeu Fabra (UPF).

Francisco de Matthaeis Collaborating professor Mes info

Degree: Diseñador de Imagen y Sonido

Projects and Professional Experience:

Artista 3D y profesor.

Trabajó en publicidad, proyectos interactivos y los últimos años, como Lighter, Shading y Render Artist, en proyectos de automoción, de manera freelance.

Francisco Gabriel Díaz Salamanca Collaborating professor Mes info
Francisco Gabriel Díaz Salamanca

Degree: International Studies Programme (Universidad de Tokio, Japón)

Projects and Professional Experience:

Creador de contenidos audiovisuales en e-oncología (Institut Català d'Oncologia). Animador 2D en proyectos de divulgación científica y de salud pública. Ha sido docente de dibujo en el ámbito universitario (Universidad de Sevilla).

Irene Sola Muñoz Collaborating professor Mes info


  • Graduada en Ingeniería Multimedia por la Universitat Ramon Llull (URL)
  • Máster en User Experience por la Universitat Ramon Llull (URL)
  • Global Management Programme per IESE Business School-Universidad de Navarra & Universitad Telefónica

Projects and Professional Experience:

Actualmente, es consultora senior UX Designer en la agencia Fail Fast, trabajando para empresas internacionales, mayoritariamente en proyectos del sector industrial como especialista, creando y gestionando el HMI de diferentes productos.

Anteriormente, ha trabajado como consultora senior de ingeniera de sistemas HMI en Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A y en SEAT/Cupra, siendo responsable de la mejora de la experiencia de usuario de los sistemas de infoentretenimiento.

Javier Melenchón Maldonado Collaborating professor Mes info
Javier Melenchón Maldonado


  • Engineering in Multimedia (Ramon Llull University)
  • Computer Engineering (Ramon Llull University)
  • PhD in Information and Communication Technologies (Ramon Llull University)

Projects and Professional Experience:

He has developed more than 10 state competitive projects and 6 commissions for private companies. All these projects are in the field of multimedia, specifically in multimodal processing.

Áreas de expertise:

Signal theory.

Audio, image and video processing.

Synthesis talking heads, sound and speech.

Machine learning.

Genetic algorithms.

Neural networks.

Data mining.

SVD specialist.

Areas of training:

  • Audio Systems
  • Video Systems
Jordi López Suñé Collaborating professor
José Luis Eguia Gómez Profesorado CITM-UPC Mes info
José Luis Eguia Gómez


  • Degree Holder in Fine Arts (UB)
  • Doctor of Digital Interactive Communication (University of Valencia)

Projects and Professional Experience:

CEO at Digital Work Force.

Researcher in Video games and gamification of education. Project Engineering and Construction Dept., UPC. Member of the Digital Games Research Association (DIGRA). Member of the GIE-UPC Research Group.

He has published books on gamification and graphic design and articles in academic journals, and gives international lectures on new information and communication technologies.

Areas of training:

  • Foundations of Design
  • Graphic Design
Josep Serrano Recuero Collaborating professor
Josep Solé Pareta UPC professor Mes info
Josep Solé Pareta

Projects and Professional Experience:

Ingeniero en Telecomunicaciones UPC. Investigador Advanced Broadband Communications - Talaia networks (spinoff UPC).

Dept. Arquitectura y Tecnología de Computadores - Especialidad: Redes de computadores e Internet.

Areas of training:

  • Latest Generation Web Applications
Josep Torelló Oliver Profesorado CITM-UPC Mes info
Josep Torelló Oliver


  • Graduate in Audiovisual Communication (UB)
  • Master's degree in Interdisciplinary Education of the Arts (UB)
  • Doctor of Audiovisual Communication

Projects and Professional Experience:

Postdoctoral Research at St. Petersburg State University (Russian Federation).

Member of the Interactive Media Laboratory consolidated inter-university Research Group recognised by the Government of Catalonia (2014 SGR 604).

Head of UPC Arts.

Areas of training:

  • Projects
  • Audiovisual Communication
  • History of Art
  • Audiovisual Narrative
Julian Pfeifle UPC professor
Lasse Löpfe Profesorado CITM-UPC Mes info
Lasse Loepfe

Degree: Doctor in Environmental Sciences (UAB)

Projects and Professional Experience:

Professional career:

2010 - 2014: Post-Doc Research fellow UPC, UCIII, CREAF
2015 - 2016: CTO, GKT Studios
2017- 2018: CTO, DefyU Technologies
2014 - Present: Freelance game designer


Danger Room:

Janken Cards:


Areas of training:

  • Programming Virtual Environments
  • Game Design
  • Data Analysis
Marc Ripoll Tarré Collaborating professor Mes info
Marc Ripoll Tarré


  • Graduate in Multimedia Design and Animation
  • Master’s Degree in 3D Design (Media Arte Institute)
  • Graphic Design and Illustration (Escola Joso)

Projects and Professional Experience:

CEO and Lead Artist at The Game Forger.

Lecturer in 3D design and video games at BAU and ETSEIB and on the UPC School master's degree course in Video Game Design and Creation.

Coordinator of video game development courses at TEC in Monterrey, Mexico.

Áreas de expertise:

3D animation

Game design

Areas of training:

  • Programming Virtual Environments
Marc Virgili Torrent Collaborating professor Mes info
Marc Virgili


  • Degree in Photography and Digital Creation (CITM/UPC)
  • Postgraduate degree in Photojournalism
  • Postgraduate degree in Postproduction, Motion Graphics and Visual Effects

Projects and Professional Experience:

Team Manager in the Digital Content /CGI area at EGM Laboratorios Color S.A.

A specialist in Photography for Industry and Advertising.

Drone Skills Pilot and Operator for AESA.

Areas of training:

  • Photographic production
  • Image Structure and Lighting
Maria Gonzalez Otero Profesorado CITM-UPC Mes info
María González Otero


  • Graduate in Photography and Digital Creation (CITM/UPC)
  • Master’s Degree Master in Cinematographic Direction (ESCAC)

Projects and Professional Experience:

Director of photography

Expert in advertising and audiovisual communication

Areas of training:

  • Projects
  • Audiovisual Communication
Maria Pagès Rovira Profesorado CITM-UPC Mes info
Maria Pagès Rovira


  • Degree in Audiovisual Communication (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)
  • PhD in Animation (BAU-Universitat de Vic-UCC)

Projects and Professional Experience:

Tras licenciarse en Comunicación Audiovisual y haber disfrutado de una beca en los Maine Media Workshops and College Filmmaking (USA), comienza a trabajar en animación para Fílmax en El Cid: La Leyenda (2003). Ha colaborado con la Filmoteca de Catalunya para la restauración del film de animación Érase una vez… (1950).

Su trabajo de investigación sobre el cine de animación le ha llevado a publicar en varios libros y revistas científicas, así como a participar en foros de animación española. Ha organizado dos foros de animación con la Dra. Teresa Martínez y ha coordinado la publicación Mujeres y animación: la industria desde los márgenes (Quaderns Bau, 2016).

Como ilustradora, publica a menudo para SdEdicions. Becada por Dones Visuals (2020), actualmente trabaja en un proyecto de investigación para hacer un documental animado sobre la animadora Pepita Pardell y un trabajo sobre actrices cómicas secundarias como Mary Santpere.

Áreas de expertise:

Cine español.

Cine de animación.

Animación tradicional/2D.

Perspectiva de género.

Actrices y comedia durante el franquismo.

Areas of training:

  • Projects
  • 2D Animation
Maria Teresa Florit Olives Collaborating professor Mes info
Maria Teresa Florit Olives

Degree: Degree in Multimedia (CITM - UPC)

Projects and Professional Experience:

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at TBB Agency

Áreas de expertise:

Desarrollo web

Experiencia de usuario (UX)

Desarrollo de proyectos eCommerce

Areas of training:

  • Internet-focused Programming
Marta Fernández Ruiz Profesorado CITM-UPC Mes info
Marta Fernández Ruiz

Projects and Professional Experience:

Investigadora en el área de los Game Studies con interés en la experiencia de usuario y la intersección entre las humanidades y la tecnología.

Ha sido docente en el ámbito universitario y en el de formación profesional en el área de videojuegos, medios interactivos y narrativa transmedia.

Ha trabajado en la creación y edición de contenidos multimedia, en la implementación de interfaces de usuario y en la gestión de proyectos orientados a la formación deportiva.

En 2014 co-fundó Labhipermedia, spin off de la Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.

Ha publicado en revistas nacionales e internacionales como Icono 14, Brumal, Teknokultura, Computers and Education y Education and Information Technologies.

Areas of training:

  • Audiovisual Narrative
  • Transmedia production
Miquel Bigas Tañá Collaborating professor Mes info
Miquel Bigas Tañà


  • Graphic Advertising Specialist (Vic School of Art )
  • Graduate in Photography (UPC)

Projects and Professional Experience:

Projects manager at La Farinera Visual Arts Centre in Vic.

More than 10 years of experience working in image post-production and CGI.

Works with the CGI Laboratory at the Image Processing and Multimedia Technology Center (CITM).

Areas of training:

  • Lighting
  • Projects
Miquel Sureda Anfres UPC professor Mes info
Miquel Sureda Anfres


  • Aeronautical Engineering (UPM)
  • Doctor of Mechanical Engineering, Fluids and Aeronautics (UPC)
  • Master of Science - MSc (Imperial College London)

Projects and Professional Experience:

Lecturer in Aerospace Engineering at the ESEIAAT (UPC).

Co-ordinator of the master's degree in Space and Aeronautical Engineering.

Research in space technology applied to low orbits.

Areas of training:

  • Physics
Mónica Martín Mínguez Profesorado CITM-UPC Mes info
Mónica Martín Mínguez

Projects and Professional Experience:

Empezó su experiencia como docente en 2009 haciendo un voluntariado de clases de informática durante tres años.

Mientras estudiaba en la universidad, realizó distintos Workshops de Blender en el Mercado de la Tecnología.

Desde 2017 ha sido docente de diseño y desarrollo de videojuegos con Unity en diferentes centros de Ciclo Formativo de Grado Superior y Medio.

En el ámbito personal siempre participa en las diferentes Game Jams que se celebran tanto en Barcelona como online.

Noemí Blanch de la Cueva Profesorado CITM-UPC Mes info
Noemí Blanch de la Cueva

Projects and Professional Experience:

Consultoría de proyectos de gamificación y serious games en diferentes ámbitos: participación ciudadana, reciclaje, liderazgo, emprendimiento y educación, entre otros.

Áreas de expertise:

El poder del juego


Serious games

Género y habilidades

Areas of training:

  • Gamification
Núria Riba Roqué Collaborating professor
Ona Anglada i Pujol Profesorado CITM-UPC
Oriol Boira Ricart Collaborating professor Mes info
Oriol Boira Ricart


  • Graduate in Multimedia (CITM/UPC)
  • Postgraduate degree in Virtual Reality (UPC)

Projects and Professional Experience:

A game designer, and the producer and developer of more than 200 published video games. Co-director of R+D+I projects on multimedia topics.

Technological broadcaster at RAC1 and Catalunya Ràdio. Member of the Catalan Media Corporation.

Author of books on video games and gamification.

Areas of training:

  • Applied Multimedia Technologies
  • Video Game Design
Pablo Fernández Duran UPC professor Mes info
Pau Fernández Duran

Degree: Telecommunications Engineer (UPC)

Projects and Professional Experience:

Creator of

Researcher in Artificial Intelligence.

Areas of training:

  • Programming Virtual Environments
  • Applied Multimedia Technologies
Pau Sánchez Penella Collaborating professor
Pedro Omedas Morera Collaborating professor
Pere Joaquim Mindan Seuba Collaborating professor Mes info
Pere Joaquim Mindan Seuba

Projects and Professional Experience:

Ingeniero en Telecomunicaciones UPC. Ingeniero Técnico de Soporte y Documentador. Intesis Software.

Investigador en sistemas de comunicación y reconocimiento.

Experto en: procesamiento de la señal, procesamiento de la imagen, ingeniería de software, programación.

Areas of training:

  • Latest Generation Web Applications
  • Colour management and printing systems
Raúl Villalba Palacin Collaborating professor
Rodrigo Pizarro Lozano Collaborating professor
Salvador Bolarin Molina Collaborating professor Mes info
Salvador Bolarin Molina

Projects and Professional Experience:

Director of The Velocity dot Art, a post-production studio specialising in advanced retouching, CGI and special effects.

Areas of training:

  • Postproduction and visual effects
Vicente Villalba Palacin Collaborating professor Mes info
Vicente Villalba Palacin


  • Degree in Marketing (Escola Universitària Mediterrani)
  • Master in Advertising Strategy and Creativity (Blanquerna - Universitat Ramon Llull)
  • Master in Self-Leadership and Group Leadership (Universitat de Barcelona)
  • PhD in Communication (Blanquerna - Universitat Ramon Llull)

Projects and Professional Experience:

Advertising account manager, social media strategy manager, content manager, university lecturer and researcher at Blanquerna-URL.

Áreas de expertise:

Social media

Communication, group management and leadership




Areas of training:

  • Communication and leadership
Xavier Manzanares Gonzalez Collaborating professor

Career opportunities

If you take the Bachelor's degree in Digital Design and Multimedia Technologies, you can work professionally career in fields including:

  • Expert in the design and development of apps for mobile devices.
  • Designer and developer of virtual and augmented reality applications.
  • UI/UX designer.
  • Designer and developer of interactive installations.
  • Designer and developer of creative digital experiences in new formats.
  • Expert in audiovisual production and post-production.
  • Visual effects artist and programmer.
  • Multimedia application designer, producer and programmer.
  • Interactive virtual environment programmer and designer.
  • Video game designer.
  • 3D designer.
  • 2D and 3D animator for video games and digital content.
  • Digital and multimedia design project management specialist.
  • Audiovisual content designer and manager for marketing and communication projects.
  • Film and television video editor and producer.

Entities and Collaborating Companies

Testimonial & videos



This degree course gave me a multidisciplinary perspective and enabled me to explore various areas including photography, audiovisuals, programming and animation. This path of exploration helped me identify my passion: UX/UI design. As regards the degree course, I would highlight the projects that simulate the professional world, which are undoubtedly the most enriching aspects. I am now a UI Designer at KingEclient, the company where I did my internship.
Míriam Lara Melero, graduate in Digital Design and Multimedia Technologies
The degree course covers topics including design, animation, 3D modelling and programming, among others. For me personally, the training opened the doors to mobile application programming, giving me the knowledge and tools I needed to continue growing in this field. With a little effort and a good supply of knowledge, I found the opportunity to carve my niche as a programmer in a start-up, where I developed the Jaleo App mobile application.
Joan Mariné Canals, graduate in Digital Design and Multimedia Technologies
Alumni Experience: Helena Córdoba, alumni bachelor's degree in Multimedia
Alumni Experience: Adrián Dorado, alumni bachelor's degree in Multimedia
Alumni Experience: Laia Turmo, alumni bachelor's degree in Multimedia


Estudia el grado en Multimedia en el CITM
ENTER at the UPC: Design and Multimedia Technology
Inaugural Lesson of CITM Studies (academic year 2020-2021): "The Future of Multimodal Human-Computer Interaction"
Jornada XR Education
Saló de l'Ensenyament 2019
Saló de l'Ensenyament 2018
Acto de Graduación del CITM 2018
Barcelona Games World 2017
Winter CITMFest 2017
Saló de l'Ensenyament 2017

Students' work

Wineson's Videoclip
Wineson's Videoclip
Degree in Multimedia
Cygnus Void
Cygnus Void
Degree in Multimedia
Plastic Water
Plastic Water
Degree in Multimedia
Barcelona Cultura
Barcelona Cultura
Degree in Multimedia
Degree in Multimedia
Degree in Multimedia
Degree in Multimedia
Creating BBDD for Semi-Supervised Videos
Creating BBDD for Semi-Supe...
Degree in Multimedia
Solar System
Solar System
Degree in Multimedia
Matte Painting
Matte Painting
Degree in Multimedia
Práctica Final Animación 2D
Práctica Final Animación 2D
Degree in Multimedia
Degree in Multimedia

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